Nathan vs. Veganism Rd. 2: The Reduction of Suffering

Here we have our second episode featuring my brother, Nathan. We talk about whether he should feel more concerned about animals, how to communicate with people effectively by acknowledging their narratives, and how Nathan doesn’t have to go vegan because really it’s all capitalism’s fault… or something like that.

Ethan vs. Veganism: Discipline and Longevity

Ethan and I worked together at a Japanese restaurant. The pay was poor and the job was dirty, but… they kept us drunk enough after the shift not to think about it. And anyways, it was fun. But it was not vegan. And neither is Ethan. What a monster. Cool guy, though.

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Mansi vs. Veganism: Mageirocophobia

In this episode, we speak to my businesswoman friend Mansi. Mansi is a bundle of joyousness. She is always emanating positive energy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her become upset or speak rudely. She’s highly-intelligent and deeply compassionate in most areas of her life which is why it’s interesting that she chooses to kill innocent baby cows and steal their mothers’ milk. Let’s find out more!

Chris vs. Veganism: The Moral High Ground

Chris is the co-founder of a successful and powerful musical non-profit called Found Sound Nation, which brings people from around the world together to create positivity and compassion for each other through music.

Really, he’s one of the nicest people I know that pays to have animals tortured and/or slaughtered at the hands of cold commodification and toxic, ignorant quaintness.

Check his work and website out at